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Dr. Barker is phenomenal! He is a skilled, thorough surgeon with an exceptional bedside manner. He really cares about the whole person. His staff are great to work with and helpful. Definitely will go back and see him if I ever need any other ortho surgeries!


The sign of a talented surgeon is post-op pain and suture healing. I have had many surgeries over the past five years, and Dr. Barker did a great job. Manageable pain and beautifully healing sutures. We are fortunate to have him here in the triangle. Oh and congratulations to Dr. Barker on his recent nuptials.


Dr. Barker performed my Rotator Cuff Surgery with excellent success. He is very cordial, knowledgeable and skillful. I would highly recommend him and give him a perfect score of 10. Thank you Dr.Barker.


I had recently torn the labrum in my hip over a year ago from running and have been running in pain since then. Dr. Barker was excellent in diagnosing and educating about the injury. I had surgery to fix the problem, surgery went well, very little pain, excellent rehab and back to running three months post op. I couldn’t have been happier and now running pain free. I highly recommend Dr. Barker for hip injuries and I couldn’t praise him enough for helping me.


I have lived with knee pain for the past 7 years thinking there wasn’t an easy solution to my problem. After having Dr.Barker do surgery on my knee along with post treatment, I am doing things I haven’t done in years. He is such a caring and knowledge Physican. You don’t see too many of his kind now adays. Thanks Dr.Barker! Your a gem.


I am 79 years of age and fell and tore my left Rotator Cuff. The pain was terrible to the point I could not sleep. I went to Dr. Barker and he performed surgery and I had very little pain and after 6 weeks PT and his evaluations I am good as new. No more pain and no more sleepless nights. I highly recommend Dr. Barker‘s services to anyone.


Thank you Dr. Barker for the amazing job you did on my knee. Obviously, I had learned how serious it is to sever your patella tendon. However, your pre surgery information and post op follow up was great which really assisted me in healing from this serious surgery. 

Thank you so much for all the professionalism and caring you have shown.

- R.E.

I would like to thank you again for the excellent work you and your team did of replacing my right shoulder this January. The pain was becoming life changing. After talking to several friends and three nurses who were aware of the procedure, all except my brother said it would be very painful and would take up to tow year to normalize. You explained the surgery to me and told me the pain would only last a few days and that you would ensure that I got pain medication during this period I am glad that I trusted your experience and training. The first few days were not fun and the therapy afterward was work and a little discomforting, but the pain was mostly gone. My recover has taken less than five months and my range of motion has returned to where it was twenty years ago. I am no longer awakened from sleep by pain and can wash my own back. I am right handed again since the pain is gone. Life is good again.

Your confidence and skill has changed my life. I hope you are successful in making the Raleigh area aware of the gift that GOD has given you to heal and continue to study and improve at what you do.

- R.C.

I had been having pain and limited flexibility in my left shoulder. Dr. Barker performed a total shoulder replacement. The surgery was very successful and I had very limited pain as a result. I worked hard during my rehab and PT to regain flexibility and strength. This phase is extremely important to recovery. I am pleased with the care I received and results. Dr. Barker is a very competent and caring surgeon.

- C.S.

At 68 years old I had a catastrophic fall from a truck and the result was massive damage to my shouder,tendons, bicep. Dr Barker was fantastic in his expertise and care and I have great outlook again. If a surgeon could truly “walk on water” ,Dr Barker could !!


I am a 50 year old woman who tore my ACL skiing this past Jan. I saw other surgeons before I talked to Dr. Barker. I chose him for the surgery because He was so confident in his knowledge of my injury and how it should be repaired. Everyone has been amazed at my speedy recovery. I think he is amazing and would recomend you talk with him if you have any knee issues.


I had a torn labrum in my right hip joint from bullriding in Nashville. I had a great experience with Dr. Barker from the answered questions beforehand to the follow up afterwards. My recovery was half the time I expected from reading posts on the web and I was walking without crutches within 2 days. I highly recommend Dr. Barker and this type of surgery if you’re a good candidate for it.

- M.H.

I am a high school basketball player and tore my ACL in practice. I saw Dr. Barker and he got me ready for surgery with rehab. I had the surgery four months ago and am already back on the court. His surgery was amazing and my knee feels awesome! I would highly recommend him for ACL surgery.

- K.B.

Dr. Barker is truly fantastic! You can tell from the minute you meet him that he is dedicated to sports medicine. He has an excellent bedside manner and was able to get me back to full activity without surgery. Thank you!

- S.W.

Excellent physician! Would recommend for any sports injury!!!!

- B.C.

I injured my knee playing softball. I went to Raleigh Orthopaedics and saw Dr. Barker who told me I tore my meniscus. He got me set up with an MRI and saw me back afterwards which showed the tear. His office was great with arranging surgery and I had a great experience at Rex Hospital. I walked out the hospital the same day as the surgery. I never needed crutches or even pain medications and was back playing sports within 6 weeks. Dr. Barker and his staff go the extra mile for patient care and he even personally called me on a Saturday to check in. I have already recommended him to my friends.